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May 23, 2023

Viva Las Vegas

We feel beyond lucky to open our latest Sling Shot Intergalactic hub in Las Vegas! From the world-class shows to the thriving art and music scenes, Las Vegas is an entertainment powerhouse that's always buzzing with creative energy.

For filmmakers and advertisers, the city offers a wealth of possibilities when it comes to diverse shooting locations – Las Vegas is more than just its iconic neon Strip, it’s also minutes away from stunning natural landscapes.

New Hub, Same Solid Cloud Transfer Service

As always, we’re excited to bring our cloud file sharing service that allows high speed data transfers and our support of the local production community to Las Vegas. But this location is extra special to us because it’s also the new home of our cloud infrastructure that powers Clip Cloud, our cloud based file sharing service. Sustainable Technology is a core tenant of our business, and we’re very proud to say that Clip Cloud will be powered on 100% green, clean energy – roughly 90% solar and 10% hydroelectric. That’s just one way that Clip Cloud is the best and most sustainable cloud file sharing for business. Aside from our green servers, we also plan to implement a new workflow that archives non-active and complete projects to LTO data tape, which is a secure and retrievable file storing solution that does not consume any additional energy. It’s never a gamble when you pick Sling Shot!

It’s never a gamble when you pick Sling Shot!

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