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LTO Archive is our tape physical storage solution. Need a sustainable and secure option for housing all of your camera masters and dailies? Reach out! We are happy to hold on to your files for you for as long as you need – think of us like a library for your work!

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Our LTO Archive service is one of the safest ways to store your valuable digital material. With a traditional hard drive, you risk a series of hardware malfunctions that could compromise your footage. Data loss, corruption, and not powering back on after remaining dormant are all factors of hard drive storage that could leave your material unretrievable. But with our LTO storage solutions, your data is safe in our highly secure, climate-controlled environment. It is the most reliable way to store and retrieve your footage. And it's also the more environmentally-friendly choice! It does not draw any energy while being stored, making it much more sustainable than other archival options. ** For extra security, we create redundant copies of all archived material to be stored in an offsite location.