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Viva Las Vegas! We're excited to announce that Sling Shot Intergalactic is joining the pantheon of media, music, and entertainment that Las Vegas has to offer.

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While Las Vegas's most iconic landmark is the world famous Strip (home to every kind of entertainment imaginable), it is also geographically close to several national parks and gorgeous natural vistas, making it an easy location choice for any production seeking landscape diversity. With Sling Shot, what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas: our high speed data transfers can send your footage around the globe at the speed of light. From Las Vegas titans like MGM to high end designers like Prada, we've collaborated on all sorts of projects in Sin City. As the new home of Clip Cloud's infrastructure, Las Vegas also plays a special role in Sling Shot's ongoing commitment to sustainability and renewable energy. Clip Cloud, our cloud based file sharing service, is powered on 100% green, clean energy that is roughly 90% solar and 10% hydroelectric. Luck is never needed with Sling Shot, our reliable, superior services are never a gamble.